♣ to somewhere only we know


Hi, Richard.

Welcome to my blog. :)) This is probably one of the few public posts you'll see here. :))

Anyway, I wanted to make a better greeting for your birthday but I didn't want to put it on Facebook because our friend lists really didn't need to know this. I wanted to post this link to your wall but that you just contradict what I said previously. :))

So yeah.

Thank you. :) For everything so far. :)
When I'm with you, everything is just so surreal and because I always enjoy with you, time always slips by so fast without my knowing. I always wish I could just let go and spend a complete day with you but heaven knows that's not allowed. :)) We've only been together for a year, but it feels like it's more than just that. We may have had our problems before but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? I can't predict the future but for now, let's just make what we have last for as long as we can. I would wish for forever but only if you'd want it as much as I do.

There were countless times when I was just hormonal/moody/bitchy/all three at the same time and for those, I do sincerely apologize. You never deserved any of those bitter times. But thank you for still holding on and never letting me go. I hope you know that I'm also doing the same, holding on and not letting you go when it's just not our day.

I'm far from perfect but I hope you understand that I'm doing everything that I can just to make you happy. You've made me feel so loved and I just really want to let you know how I feel and that I'm returning every bit of love you give me. You told me before that you're so lucky to have me but I wonder if you know that I'm just as lucky that I have you. For the many times you don't see yourself that way that I do - someone who can brighten up my day and make me smile and forget my problems, someone I can trust with my life, someone I know who will be there for me, this utterly handsome guy who is has all the best angles - I want you to know that I still love you and I would do whatever it takes for you to cheer up and feel the way I do when I'm with you.

Yesterday was your birthday, and though it saddened you that you didn't spend it with your family, it still made me happy that I got to spend it with you.

We're far from forever but we're one year down. Here's to many more. :)

Happy birthday, you 19-year old boy. ♥

All my love,
Tin :)

**Our most recent picture together was taken last year, Oct. 22, when we went to EK. I looked nasty in them so I decided to choose from older albums. We need new pictures btw. ;) ♥